Regulation of the Store4Gamers


I. Definitions


1.Customer – a legal person or an organizational unit whom regulations grant the legal capacity, who performs an Order in the Store4Gamers.

2. Civil Code – Act of 23 April 1964 The Civil Code 3. Regulation – those Regulations of providing services electronically within the Internet Shop Store4Gamers.

4. Internet Shop (Shop) – Internet service available at via which the customer has a possibility to make an order.

5. Product – commodity presented in the Internet Store.

6. Contract of sale – the contract of commodity sale in meaning of Civil Code, agreement made between the customer and Store4Gamers using the internet service.

7. Act of Customer Rights – the Act the of 30 May 2014 about Customer Rights.

8. Act on Electronic Services – the Act of 18 July 2002 on Electronic Services.

9. Order – statement of customers will be leading directly to entering the contract of sale specifying the quantity and type of the product.


II. General Regulations

1. This Regulation defines the rules of using Internet Shop available at

2. This Regulation is the regulation in the meaning of article 8 of Act on Electronic Services.

3. The Internet Shop Store4Gamers, available at is administrated by Store4Gamers World Wide Partnets – Damian Andrzejak, ul. Tadeusza 13, 09-470, Płock, NIP: 7743245027 , REGON: 382323112, registered in the Central Registration and Information an Economic Activity; e-mail:; tel. 791 597 000 – Damian Store4Gamers.


4. This Regulation defines: rules of making registration and using customer account of the Internet Shop, terms and conditions of making an order via Internet Shop, conditions of Contract of Sale with use of services provided by Internet Shop.

5. Using the Internet Shop is possible under condition of efficient of equipment used: Internet Explorer 11 version or newer with Java on, Google Chrome 39.0.2171.95  version with Java on, minimal screen resolution point on 1024×768.

6. To use Internet Shop customer should obtain the access to equipment with the internet service on his own.

7. According to applicable law store4gamers has a right to restrain services for customer under the age of 18. In this situation customer will receive an information about suspension of services.

8. Products photos are used only as examples and are used for visual presentation.

9. All accounts are the property of CipSoft.
We only sell time devoted to punching individual levels. We are not responsible for the actions of the home company.

10. Customer has a possibility to access this Regulation in any time via the link placed on, download it and print it.


III. Rules of the use of Internet Shop.

1. Registration on Internet Shop is optional. Customer can make an order without registration after reading and accepting this Regulation.

Registration is made by refilling and accepting registration form available on the website.

It is compulsory to accept the Regulation and filling in the personal data marked as compulsory to registration.


Store4Gamers has a right to deprive Customer of right to use Internet Shop or limit Customers access to some part or all resources of Internet Shop in case of breaking the Regulation especially when Customer:

– during registration used unreal, out of date data causing mislead or violation of others right,

– using the Internet Shop violated personal goods of others especially of other Internet Shop Customers.

– commit other behaviors considered by Store4Gamers as incompatible with Regulation and applicable law or general rules of using Internet or are detrimental to the good name of Store4Gamers.

Customer deprived of right to use Internet Shop is not allowed to make another registration without Store4Gamers consent.

2. In order to provide safety of data and massages transmission Store4Gamers takes technical and organizational measures appropriate to real security risk, in particular to prevent acquisition and modification personal data.

3. Customer is obligated to:

– not forward and transfer contents forbidden by law, e.g. promoting violence, defamatory or violating personal rights of others,

– use of the Internet Shop in way not disturbing its functioning especially in use of specific software or devices,

– not sending or posting commercial information which are not ordered by Store4Gamers (spam),

– use Internet Shop in not disturbing for other customers and Store4Gamers way to use any content contained in the Internet Shop only for personal use,

– use of the Online Store in accordance with the provisions in force in the Republic of Polish law, the provisions of the Rules, as well as with the general principles of using the Internet.


IV. The procedure of the Contract of Sale

1. To make a Contract of Sale via Internet Shop Customer should enter the website, choose the product taking steps according to statements and information on the website.

2. Choice is made by adding products to Customers basket.

3. During making an order Customer can change his personal data and modify his order until clicking confirmation button.

4. After filling all personal data Customer will see summation of his order which contains description of ordered product, general price and other costs.

5. Information about products included on website of Internet Shop especially description, technical parameters and prices constitute an invitation to Contract of Sale in the meaning of article 6 of Civil Code. Sending an order by a Customer constitute a statement of willing to enter a Contract of Sale with Store4Gamers according to the Regulation. After sending an order Customer receive an e-mail with summation of order. This e-mail is confirmation of receiving an order and is not a constitute of will to enter the contract by Store4Gamers.

The Contract of Sale is entered after second e-mail received by customer which contains final confirmation of every components of order. The second e-mail is statement of will to enter the Contract of Sale.

6. The Contract of Sale is in Polish and is compatible with Regulation.


V. Delivery

1. Products can be delivered to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Japan on the address specified by Customer during making an order.

2. Delivery of ordered products is implemented through: via e-mail or other way of contact.

Cost of delivery is calculated according current price-list available on “Cost of Delivery”. Cost of delivery will be specified during making an order.

3. Delivery time is max.12h from the date of order.

4. Store4Gamers reserves the right of execution incomplete orders, informing via email about lack of products. In such situation the customer is entitled to withdraw from the order.


Consolidation, security, providing and confirmation to customer of the relevant provisions of the sale contract is made by sending the confirmation and specification of an order, VAT invoice via e-mail and adding it to the shipment.


VI. Prices and payment methods.

1. Prices of products are given in USD (Dolar) and PLN (Polish Złoty) and contain VAT, excise, and other components.

2. Customer can pay:

– via “banktransfer” system (accept all Polish Bank transfers and Western Union),

– via “pay-pal” system (only verified account by family transfer),

– via “” system,

– via “Skrill” system and others.


VII. Right of withdrawal.

In 3 days since transaction, the customer is able to withdraw the contract by informing Store4Gamers (ul. Tadeusza 10/13 09-407 Plock, , 530 647 272 – owner.) about his decision in way of unequivocal statement (ex. letter sent by post, mail). If the customer takes the advantage of this possibility we will send him a confirmation of receiving the information on the durable medium (ex. via e mail). 

VIII. Consequences of withdrawal.

In case of withdrawal we return all costs including delivery costs (except for additional costs resulted from the chosen way of delivery which is not the least expensive one offered by us) immediately, no longer than 7 days after receiving your statement. Refund of payments will be done in way chosenby Customer during the original transaction or the other way that customer accepted. There are no fees related to withdrawal.


We will collect the products. The customer will be obliged to cover the costs of returning the product. The Customer vouches only for reduction of the value of product resulting from using it in way not necessary to recognize its character and functionality.

It is not possible to use a right of withdrawal in case of:

Contract of sale of products which are non-prefabrical, made on a customers special order with his personal directives, made to satisfy his personal needs.




Recipient: Store4Gamers World Wide Partners – Damian Andrzejak, ul. Gintera 10/13 , 09-407 Plock,, tel.+48 791 597 000


Me/We* hereby inform about my/our withdrawal of contract of sale following products / contract of delivery products / contract of provision following services*


Date of contract/delivery*


Customers name and last name


Customer Address


Signature (only if form is send in paper form)




(*) Delete unnecessary



VIII Reclamation of products. 



IX Intellectual Property


The right of website content is owned by Store4Gamers World Wide Partners – Damian Andrzejak. Copying and modifying contents of Store4Gamers website without the permission are prohibited.


XI. Final Provisions


1. Customer may use an extrajudicial procedures for claims handling or redress action. If you want to use possibility of amicable solution, you may submit claim e.g. through EU online platform ODR, available at:


2. If Customer is not interested in out-of-court settlement, resolution of disputes between Store4Gamers and Customer shall be referred for determination to the competent court of law in accordance with the appropriate provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.


3. Resolution of disputes between Store4Gamers and Customer, who is not a consumer within the meaning of Article 221 of the Polish Civil Code, shall be referred for determination to the competent court with respect to the seat of store4gamers.  


4. In all cases not regulated by these Regulations, legal provisions of Civil Code, Act of Electronic Services and other Polish Law apply.


XII. Entry into force


These Regulations shall enter into force on March 1st, 2019.




Damian Store4Gamers.


Store4Gamers World Wide Partners – Damian Andrzejak.

ul. Tadeusza Gintera 10/13, 09-407 Płock NIP 7743245027, REGON 382323112, tel. 530647272, e-mail: